Friday, September 26, 2008

Thank You Note

Today I received an email from a staff member, sent for the boy who Ross visited in the school hallway yesterday. It read:

(Child) would like to thank you and the black Lab from yesterday. Later that evening he said that the dog really helped him get out of his funk and work on his goals.


P.S. He also said that you were; ‘pretty cool too’

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Vic Strandskov said...

Dr. Vail,
I look forward to your blogs about Ross. I can relate to how the children you care for relate to him. I occasionally come home from a bad day at work, sit on the couch, then our CC'd MLGX Tabasco will come up on the couch (75#'s of dog), lick me on the face, then lay his head on my lap. It's like he knows I hurt a little. I love 'Basco.