Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ross' New Office

Today, we moved offices. Ross and I had a very small office to ourselves, but now we share a larger office with a coworker. Fortunately, he's a dog person :) Fortunately, he doesn't mind that I have so much stuff it takes up every spot in the office, leaving only his desk for him. Or, he minds, but he kindly keeps it to himself :) But, he gets to share an office with an awesome dog, so who can complain?!

During the moving process, I had given Ross a Nylabone to chew on while I was at a meeting. While I was at the meeting, the maintenance man thought Ross didn't have any toys, so he took one of my therapy puppets out and gave it to Ross. I wondered how that puppet had jumped out of its box onto the floor by Ross' bed! Fortunately, it appeared that Ross never touched the puppet :) What a good Guide Dog puppy!

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