Monday, September 29, 2008

Lunch in the Courtyard

Today was a beautiful summer day - with a high near 90 degrees, despite the fact that it is actually autumn now. With the great weather, many of the kids ate lunch outside today. As we passed by the kids, headed back to the office to eat at my desk, one of Ross' biggest fans asked to say "hi" to him. We stopped to visit, and as that child sat and loved up Ross, more kids kept asking to say "hi." They did a great job waiting their turns, and not totally hogging Ross so that other kids could visit him too :) One boy, who has only visited Ross once before, forgot to ask his turn. Staff, and the other kids, reminded him. He then stood off to the side, patiently waiting. When it was his turn, Ross (now laying down) rolled onto his side. The boy laid down on the courtyard patio, facing Ross, in nearly the same position Ross was in, legs stretched out on the warm concrete. As the boy pet Ross, Ross reached out and put his paw on the boy's arm. The boy, in return, reached out and scratched Ross' shoulder. There they lay, two boys on the patio, arm-in-arm, gazing peacefully at each other under the shade of the flowering plum.

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