Monday, September 29, 2008

Can't Help But Laugh

After Ross' late afternoon potty break, we were headed back to the office when we passed a boy and a staff member sitting out in the courtyard. The boy yelled across the courtyard at me, "Can you train him to bite someone?" I answered, "no." He then yelled, "Can you take him inside to bite ____?" I answered, "no." As I continued to walk past him, he jumped up and sheepishly asked if he could pet Ross. I told him he couldn't visit Ross if he was going to talk about him biting people. As he promised he wouldn't, Ross stopped as if to say he needed to visit. The boy knelt down and pet Ross. Before I knew it, he was sitting on the ground, his back to the bench he had been sitting on with staff, and Ross was licking every part of his face. He laughed, and Ross licked more. Ross licked his nose, his mouth, his eyes, his ears. The boy laughed hysterically and encouraged more. Finally, he was able to laugh out, "that's enough," and I gave a gentle tug on Ross' collar to back him off. Ross stepped back, and the boy continued to pet Ross. As he loved Ross up some more, Ross stepped up in his lap, sat down, and covered his face in more kisses. As the boy continued to laugh, the staff member commented that Ross came by at a good time...

Ross laid down in the boys' lap, and rolled over on his side, soaking up the love. As I commented to the boy that Ross and I needed to get back to work, and he needed to eat his dinner that was waiting for him, Ross looked up at me as if to say, "Speak for yourself, I am working. This is my job."

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Alyssa said...

I came across your blog when reading another person's. Sounds like Ross would make an awesome therapy dog if being a guide doesn't work out! I truly love dogs. Somehow, they just sense how we feel.