Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Good Morning

This morning, we arrived to work early, so that Ross could again assist a boy in completing his blood draw. The boy had been successfully completing his blood draws on his own for the last two months, after just one time of Ross helping. For some reason, he refused again last week, so I agreed to bring Ross to help again this week. Not being a morning person, we were running late. As we hurried onto the unit, the nurse caught us at the door, anxiously exclaiming, "Just in time!" The boy was with another nurse, sitting in a chair, sucking on the lollipop he was given as a consolation prize of sorts for completing his blood draw without Ross. But, we were just in time. I sat down behind the boy, and Ross sat next to him. The boy gently laid his hand on Ross' back, and sat calmly watching the nurse complete her task.

Just before getting ready to leave, I heard another client and staff enter the hall, the child escalated and staff trying to calm him down. I entered one hall, waiting for clearance to leave the building. As I stood in the hall, I heard quite the racket of the boy who was upset. Staff moved to block the hallway I was in, trying to keep me safe. The staff member then saw that it was me and Ross, paused, and said to the boy, "Ross is here, would it help to say "hi" to him?" From around the corner, I heard all commotion stop instantly, and the boy exclaimed, "Buddy?!" He then walked around the corner, calmly approached, and asked if he could pet Ross. I told him that as long as he was safe he could visit Ross. The boy smiled, caressed Ross' face, and knelt down to Ross' level. Ross covered his face in kisses and licked the remnants of breakfast off his hands. The boy smiled and cooed over Ross. Ross, tired from our early awakening, slowly slid to the floor and rolled on his side, pawing at his Halti in slow motion. The boy rolled onto the floor and laid facing Ross. Ross gently pawed at him, placing a paw on the boy's face, then laying perfectly still. While the boy and puppy exchanged affection, staff inquired as to whether Ross might be available to walk the boy to school. I let her know that we just happened to be heading that way :) The boy happily put his shoes and jacket on, and walked to school with us. He stopped at the front door, turned and bent down, exchanging a final kiss with Ross before heading inside to start his day the right way.

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