Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ross is Awesome!

Today, while checking in with a child who had been in a physical restraint, Ross and I were intercepted by another client. An above-average-sized adolescent girl, known for her ability to be highly aggressive towards others, stood just inside the door. As I entered, she exclaimed "Ross!" and proceeded to kneel down on the floor and pet him. She smiled widely as she told Ross, and the staff around the room, how "awesome" he is. Soon she was sitting on the floor with him, turning her head as he covered her in kisses, so that he would lick the side of her neck. She laughed and turned her head the other way so that he would lick the other side. Soon, the two of them were laying on the floor together, exchanging mutual affection. She continued to exclaim how awesome Ross is, as she excitedly engaged staff in dog conversation and casually mentioned some upcoming situations that she is anxious about.

She and I have known each other for years, and despite her difficulties in trusting adults, we've always had a good working relationship. But it will never compare to the honest, nonjudgmental, all encompassing, love and compassion of a silent black puppy.

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