Tuesday, March 24, 2009

When the Going Gets Tough

Today I received notice that my, and many of my colleagues', positions were cut. Hard economic times require employee restructuring. 

As I sat in my office, worried of what the future may hold, Ross approached me with big eyes. He sat back on his haunches and gently placed his front paws on my lap. He looked at me with a knowing, caring, gaze that required no words. As I gazed back at him, telling him I knew, he climbed up into my lap, laid his upper body against mine, and gently licked my face.

When a colleague of mine, in the same situation, arrived, and sat down on the floor with Ross, Ross climbed into his lap, standing on his legs and leaning his body against my friend's chest, wiggling and refusing to move. As my friend chuckled at Ross' antics, Ross slumped into his lap, curling up and cuddling on my friend's legs, refusing to move. As my friend attempted to wiggle out from underneath Ross, Ross remained in his position, remaining loyal and present.


dot dill said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you are facing job loss due to budget cuts. You do so much for the children under your care. They need you and "society" needs you to correct the damage that unthinking and uncaring adults have inflicted on these children. Were are our priorities when we spend billions to bail out Wall Street and financial institutions ( and pay bonus' to millionaire executives who failed to do their jobs with honesty and integrity). My thoughts and prayers are with you and the innocents in your care.
dot dill

Vic Strandskov said...

Your job loss must be heartbreaking. I'm sure it will be a burden to the facility as well! From the sound of your blogs, you and Ross have been an asset - which has been represented by the accolades you have received (both of you). I'm sure the children will miss you and Ross. At least they still will have the pseudo-Ross pups to hold onto to remember some of the happier times.
Please keep the blog going - I have been a fan and have looked forward to each installment.
I, too, am in a similar situation with a job loss. The printing industry (of which I was a part) as a whole is having doldrums.
My prayers are with you.