Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Most Important Member of the Meeting

Last week, one of the kids at work had a screening for possible foster home placements. About 20 adults were at the meeting, only 4 of whom the child knew (his family, therapist, and me). As we went around and did introductions, he leaned back in his chair, looked down the room, and said, "I know you! Where's the dog?" I asked him if he wanted Ross to join us, and he said "yes" with an added silent "duh." After asking if anyone else in the room objected to "the dog" being present, I went to my office and brought Ross back. I took him over to where the boy was sitting, put him in a down stay, and had the boy hold the leash. Ross laid quietly at his feet throughout the meeting.

When it was time to take the boy back to school, he wanted to walk Ross. I walked next to him and directed him how to handle Ross. As we left, I instructed, "Tell him 'Ross, let's go!'" All the way down to school, the boy kept commanding "Roscoe!"

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